about us



 Is family own hair salon  in Woodbridge operated so you can feel and look good while supporting your local community. Our skilled staff can give you the look you have always dreamed aboutWe.  offer  mens  haircuts ñ , women and children’s haircuts and styles. you can look forward to a traditional laid back barber shop atmosphere with the latest trends in cutting. 



 Kids Haircut's / Corte De Niños                                           $15

Men haircut / Corte de hombre                                            $17

HairCut and Beard / Corte y barba                                      $27

Eyebrows with razor/ Cejas con navaja                                $5

Shave up,and Beard / Delineado y barba                            $20


Shape & Up /  Alinear Contorno Del Cabello                     $10 

Cut ,Shave,Mini Facial / Corte, Facial, Rasurar                 $60

Hair Cut & Color For Men / Color y Corte                          $60

Beard Trim + Outline/ Corte De Barba Delineada             $15

goatee beard / Barbilla del menton                                    $10

Shampoo / Lavado De Cabello                                               $5

Facial/ Faciales                                                                      $45

Facial Wax / Depilacion Facial                                              $35

Eyebrown Wax/ Depilacion Cejas con wax                           $8   

Beard Trim / Recorte De Barba                                            $15

Basic Shave/ Afeitado Basico                                              $15

Royal Shave With  facial / Rasurada  Facial                       $55




  Woman Haircut / Corte De Mujer                                     $25

Color For women / Color Para Mujer                               $65

 Facial /  Facial                                                                      $45

Shampoo/ Lavado De Cabello                                             $5

sun kissed hair highlights / Luces Muy Sutiles               $85

Partial Foil Hi-lite/ Rayitos Parte Superior                       $75

Balayage / LaTecnica Del Barrido Para Iluminar            $100

Conditioner / Tratamiento Profundo                                $25

Keratin Treatment / Tratamiento De Keratina                 $250

Wash and style / Secado Y Estilo                                    $45

Makeup / Maquillaje                                                             $65

Tratamiento de keratina Expresso                                    $100

Perm / Permanente                                                            $60

Hairdo`s  / Peinados                                                            $60

Relaxer / Relajante Para Cabello Muy Risado                 $70

Japanese relaxer / Alisado Japones                                $250

Full Foil Hi-lite/ Rallitos En Toda La Cabeza                   $85 

 Facial Wax / Depilacion Facial                                            $35

Eyebrown Wax / Depilacion de cejas                                  $8


our team



Araceli  is a great hairdresser and barber graduated  cosmetology program and has been working with Wodbridge barber and salon for 6 years. specializes in men grooming, color highlights and cutting she has reputation for her  meticulous work for men hair cuts definitely a great barber  



 Sandra has been with the company since the very beginning.  not only specializes in various hair services such as men cutting, highlighting and color; she also provides waxing Sandra strives to give each client a look that is customized solely for them



 Having over 15 years of experience has allowed Evelin to obtain and satisfy a wide variety of clientele.  is a proud hairdresser specializes in men haircut's, color, various chemical services and advanced cutting techniques. 



With over 13 years of experience, Angel  is one of the most colorful personalities in our salon has to offer great customer service . He is well trainned in various techniques and especially talented in men‘s grooming.

Is one of the best barbers in the area with a Dominican Style 



  a talented and meticulous hair designer with 9 years of experience. He began his journey as a stylist and colorist in London for two years. Life then brought him to Virginia, which has given him the opportunity to take his talents to a new level and led him to create a space to enjoy the salon founder. his skills through education and training, and holds several certifications as color specialist for leading hair color brands, as well as masters estetician and cosmetology Instructor licensee 



 Has an amazing love for the hair industry and it shows in her work. Her passion for shaping and producing vivid, luminous hair has brought her far in her career.  

She is a wonderful artistic woman with a keen eye for color. She loves to stay on top of the latest trends and keep her clients always coming back and begging for more! She is a perfectionist with her work, .